What we do

The Abeni Group performs different types of operations such as: certification and quality control of exports, weight control, inspection of empty containers, consolidation, control in trucks, reception, as well as classification of grains when loading ships.

Our technology has:
Draft survey;
Holds condition survey;
Pre-loading survey;
Bunker survey On/Off hire survey;
Sealing/Unsealing survey;
Hose test / Waatertightness inspection;
Cargo survey.

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A Abeni Group is a Brazilian company that certifies export and import goods, performing pre-shipment inspections, sampling, monitoring of shipments and inspections accordingly. to GAFTA, FOSFA, ICA, SAL, RSA, MAPA and ANEC.

Founded in 1998, the company has revealed itself as the most innovative in its segment and has evolved in the provision of new services, and continues to use technology in its favor, always maintaining its quality standard. We are an independent company, we guarantee our customers the most competitive rates on the market, always focusing on the full satisfaction and needs of all those in
that we serve.
A Abeni provides the best operational planning with the greatest agility.

Quality Policy

Commitment of senior management and leaders to meet statutory requirements and regulatory


Strive for excellence and innovation, thus providing modernity in our services


Provide services in the Foreign Trade segment, ensuring quality for our business partners


To give sustainability. Courage: To seek or create innovative solutions in response to the needs of our partners.