About Abeni

Founded in 1998, the company proved to be the most innovative in its segment and has evolved in the provision of new services. Our absolutely transparent policy guarantees independent first-line services. Originally acting as Customs Brokers, ABENI saw its range of services diversify into new Divisions with the same quality already recognized by its customers.

Multimodal Services

ABENI combines multimodal services of Customs Clearances, Transportation, Logistics, Container Terminal, Supervision and Analysis, all centralized in the same Group so that our clients obtain the best operational planning, with agility, reducing their costs and increasing their profitability. In addition to being independent, our services also guarantee the most competitive rates in the market, without losing the focus that is the full satisfaction of the needs of our clients.


The Company is accredited by the most recognized international and national agencies, the result is that our multimodal services are in compliance and within the most demanding international norms and standards in force. GAFTA, ISO, FOSFA, ICA, The SAL, ANEC and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. The Company is certified by the following bodies:

  • ICA (Internation Cotton Association)
  • The SAL (The Sugar Association of London)
  • The Refined Sugar Association of London
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ANEC (National Association of Cereal Exporters)
  • ANEA (National Association of Cotton Exporters)

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