Customs clearance

Imports and Exports

With state-of-the-art technology, our office is fully computerized, which allows us to update daily customs tariffs and regulatory standards, providing us with greater security in the provision of our customs clearance services, whether by air, sea or land. Our employees are highly trained and qualified to provide any kind of information in foreign trade. In addition to the full assistance in Foreign Trade, we have the outsourced cargo transportation service, as well as the development of transportation logistics, centralizing the operations in a single company, obtaining better operational planning and consequently reducing costs.

What we do


  • Registration of the company with the competent sectors;
  • Analysis and orientation in the classification of the merchandise, according to the instructions provided by the client, to fit into the tariffs in force and eventual confection of L.I.;
  • Follow-up of L.I. and their requirements until their approval;
  • Accompaniment of the discharge of the merchandise, informing immediately, any faults and / or damages to the client, as well as to the Insurance Company to take the necessary measures in the issuance of Award and enabling us in the continuance of the clearance;
  • Withdrawal of samples for the issuance of a Report to the competent Ministries or by determination of the Receita Federal;
  • Information on the values of taxes, port taxes pertinent to clearance;
  • Experience in Machine and Equipment Release and Entry Invoice Issuance;
  • Experience in Alcohol Release, either in Drawback or Normal mode.
  • Exports

  • Registration of the company with the competent sectors;
  • Export Registry - R.E., as per the client's instructions;
  • Square closure with shipowners;
  • Issuance of Dispatch Request - SD;
  • Analysis and submission of all relevant shipping documentation;
  • Experience in Shipping of Alcohol, Sugar and Soy, bulk, sack, container, etc.
  • Issuance of the Phytosanitary Certificate to the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Issue of Shipment Request (Bulk Shipment - E-PEN)
  • Verification of all processes and request of Export Voucher;
  • Report of all shipment will be sent monthly to the Customer;
  • Receipt of Notice Readiness.Map where your photos are taken and discover local points of interest. Map where your photos are taken and discover local points of interest.